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Hello and welcome to A Crooked Life! On this blog you can find everything Oahu related, the travels my husband and I go on, our adventures in life, my advice for the military life, recipes I love and more. Take a look around! | @acrookedlife | Oahu Living |


Hello and welcome to A Crooked Life!

My name is Danielle and I am the content creator behind A Crooked Life.

I started A Crooked Life as a means to show all of my family and friends what my husband, Chad, and I are up to in the beautiful state of Hawaii! My husband is in the Army and got stationed here on the island of Oahu! Lucky us!

The Story Of Starting A Crooked Life

After coming across one of my favorite lifestyle blogs a couple of years ago, I became inspired to start my own. I loved the type of lifestyle my favorite blogger was able to live due to blogging and I wanted that too!

I was really dead set on starting my blog – I was coming up with possible names, menu tags for my blog, the whole shebang . . . The problem was I couldn’t find a real vision for it because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to write about and it sort of just fell through the cracks . . . Months later I moved to Hawaii and my passion to start my blog was refueled.

Fortunately, all that time waiting to start my blog gave me a lot of time to prepare and create my blog and figure out just what I am going to blog about. I waited over a year to create what you are looking at now, and I am so glad that I did! That time of waiting gave me the opportunity to create a unique blog name that I love, figure out just exactly what I was going to blog about, and a real drive to do it.

I am here and am very excited to be apart of this journey to see where it takes me!

What You Will Find On A Crooked Life 

On this blog you can expect to read about everything and anything Oahu, but mainly the hikes! Eventually you’ll see some posts about the other islands after we visit them.

I am starting to dabble into some Military Life posts as I am an Army Wife and proud of it!

Occasionally you will see me post recipes I love because well, I love them and want to share them with you!

& there’s so much more you will find me posting here so I hope you take a look around and enjoy!