It has OFFICIALLY been one year since I have moved to Hawaii!! I seriously cannot believe that I have already lived here for one year and now we have a little less than two years left on the island. I feel like I just got here and at the same time like it's finally starting to feel like home. Click the image to read my reflection on living in Hawaii! | @acrookedlife |

Officially One Year In Hawaii!!

Today marks ONE official year of being in Hawaii!! On this day last year I was an absolute mess.

Leaving my family, friends and the life I knew was hard but moving to the middle of the Pacific Ocean was an easy decision knowing my husband was waiting on the other side!

Living in Hawaii has been an incredible experience that I will always be grateful for. How many people can say they got to live in Hawaii for three years of their life? Not many (besides the millions of people that live on this island + everyone who has moved from here haha).

Anyway, today I am celebrating the fact that I have lived in this beautiful state with my husband for one year!

Scroll down to read my reflection on the past year in Hawaii!

It Has Spiked My Travel Bug

Moving to Hawaii has been an absolute blessing. I have learned so much about not only the Hawaiian culture but also the Samoan culture as well as other Asian cultures like Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Living in Hawaii has spiked my travel bug more so than ever before. Learning about all the different cultures here and seeing all the beauty Hawaii has to offer makes me want to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

This year alone Chad and I plan on visiting the Big Island, Kauai and Maui. Either 2018 or 2019 we plan on doing a two week road trip through New Zealand.

Since being here, we’ve both realized (it took me longer to feel this way) that we want to spend our money going on vacations rather than spending our money flying back to our parents house.

Mom, Dad and Parents-In-Law, please do not take offense to this. We love spending time with you and it’s not that we don’t want to see you. We’re just selfish right now and want to travel. 

That doesn’t mean we’re never going to visit our parents house again, but right now, we really want to spend our money seeing the world. And we want our friends and family to come with us! So if you’re up for a trip, let us know!

My Struggle For A Job

Living here for one year means that it has been one year since graduation, and I still do not have a consistent job. To me, that is really depressing.

Maybe I’m being too picky, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ve lived here for a year and I have had three temp jobs and zero consistent jobs.

I’ve turned down several positions either due to the pay or schedule and a part of me wishes I hadn’t of turned down some of them now . . .

I feel like I’m running out of time to find a consistent job.

This winter will mark one year left in Hawaii and I’m about six and a half months away from then.

To me, I have to find a job before then because I’m already thinking about all the packing, planning and prepping we’ll have to do when we PCS from here (that’s the military wife in me, ha!), and I’ll probably be taking some time off for when we leave, so the clock is ticking . . .

My Love/Hate Relationship With Hawaii

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Last fall/winter I went through this love-hate relationship with Hawaii mainly because I missed my family.

I was complaining about stupid stuff that I can’t even remember now because that’s how pointless it was.

love Hawaii and will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to live here.

I don’t think I’ll ever complain about where we’re living next because life is all about what you make of it and all about your mind set.

And not to sound like a b*tch, but if you hate Hawaii, then something is wrong with you . . .

Sure, island fever is a real thing and only people who live on an island really understand that term, but this island is freaking beautiful with SO MUCH to do!!

I can relate to the struggles of missing family, thinking people here suck at driving, gaining weight, struggling to make friends, wishing they had the ferry system, and so much more.

But what I can’t relate to is actually hating living here . . . If you hate living here, you’re not making the most of your time here.

Some people seriously save thousands of dollars to vacation here for a week or two, while we get to live here for three + years of our lives.

So yeah, you get the point. I’m so grateful to live here. End rant haha.

Missing Family and Friends

I know what I said earlier about wanting to travel more and all that, but at the same time I want to spend even more time with my family now that I get so little of it!

really enjoy when our family and friends come out to visit us. It is so nice to be able to share this island and experience with them.

I seriously want all of our family members to come here if they could. I want everyone to see where Chad and I live and show them our first place together.

I want to take them to see all the amazing waterfalls, sea creatures and historical sites and so much more!

Missing my family and friends has probably been the hardest since I’ve missed my cousins weddings, my nieces birthday, all of the holidays and I’ll be missing so many friends weddings and my best friends bachelorette party.

Luckily FaceTime makes it easier as I FaceTime my family multiple times a week and talk to my friends often.

Thank you technology!! I wouldn’t say missing them gets easier, but maybe living my life and getting into a routine of some sort is what makes it easier?

And setting dates to actually visit them gives me something to look forward to.

After a year of living here it’s finally starting to feel like home too now that I have more friends and know so much more about the island so that helps.

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Honestly, I have to stop this reflection piece otherwise it will never end.

Before I really go though, I just want to clarify on my above statement of not wanting to spend money going back home: it’s not that we don’t want to see our family and friends, because we do. It’s just that we would so much rather spend our time (and money) with our family and friends making memories of a lifetime on a trip to Alaska, a cruise to the Bahamas or something of the sort. We understand that not everyone can afford to travel to these places with us, and that’s why we will still be planning trips back to our parents house, but maybe not as often as everyone would like.

So yeah, I hope there are no hard feelings as that was not my intention.

If you moved away from family and are now living in Hawaii, what was the hardest adjustment for you? How often do you visit your family back in your hometown? Did Hawaii spike your travel bug too? Let me know by commenting below!





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