Bucket List

I have always wanted to experience much and travel far, but I never actually got around to doing any of it. That was up until I took the leap and moved to the middle of the pacific ocean to live with my husband in the beautiful state of Hawaii. I created this Bucket List as a means to have my goals in life written down; a way to make me accountable for what all I want to do in life with my husband by my side. Check it out below!

  1. Go to Greece
  2. Deep Sea Fishing
  3. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  4. Visit Alaska
  5. Skiing at Lake Tahoe, CA
  6. Visit Colorado
  7. Ski at Colorado Springs, CO
  8. Visit Halloweentown
  9. Hike the Grand Canyon (Upper and Lower Antelope Trail)
  10. See Horshoebend, Grand Canyon
  11. Cross country road trip in an RV
  12. Visit all 51 states
  13. See the Northern Lights
  14. Muster the courage for skydiving
  15. Swim with dolphins
  16. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  17. Go on a motorcycle road trip with the husband
  18. Backpacking through Europe
  19. Walk/hike a glacier
  20. Go dogsledding
  21. Ride a camel
  22. Ride an elephant
  23. Camp in the desert of Morocco
  24. Whale watching
  25. Go on a sailing trip
  26. Go on a Helicopter tour
  27. Stay overnight in an igloo
  28. Take a trip on a cruise
  29. Go on a trip with my husband and my parents/in-laws
  30. Attend a masquerade ball
  31. Go dune-buggying
  32. Adopt a pet
  33. Go to New Orleans to learn about the History
  34. Go to Salem, MA
  35. Take a tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary
  36. Visit the Mutter Museum
  37. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  38. Camping On The Beach
  39. Snorkel/dive the Great Barrier Reef
  40. Feed a giraffe
  41. Go on a safari in Africa
  42. See the Great Wall of China
  43. Visit a concentration camp
  44. Visit Thailand
  45. Cover up my tattoo
  46. Buy a new car
  47. Have a vow-renewal all of our family and friends can attend
  48. Try some Chicago deep dish pizza
  49. Eat a REAL philly cheesesteak
  50. New Zealand road trip
  51. Travel to Italy
  52. Travel to Switzerland
  53. Visit Iceland
  54. Shark Cage Diving
  55. Pet a kangaroo
  56. White water rafting with the husband
  57. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  58. See the Eiffel Tower
  59. Go on a European Cruise
  60. See a Reindeer
  61. See a Moose
  62. Go to the Volcano State Park on the Big Island
  63. Backcountry Adventures tubing in Kauai
  64. Get my conceal carry permit
  65. Have a place that my husband and I can call OUR home
  66. Visit Roloff Farms during Pumpkin season
  67. Travel to Oregon